Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
Airdrie, Alberta
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K.W, Calgary - We had been separated for two years when we went to see Brandi because we were really having trouble co-parenting our daughters. We agreed to go separately at first (I didn't think we could even get through one session together). We then started seeing Brandi together and the hypnosis was so beneficial for keeping us both focused on our goals. Our goals to parent for our daughters in a healthy became our focus.

G&M, Red Deer, Alberta - We weren’t sure if we wanted to or should work it out but after three sessions with Brandi we decided we would be able to. I think the Hypnosis and the talking helped us step back enough to decide. We continued our therapy to work through to a better place and still see Brandi once or twice a year for a touch up. Thanks so much for all you’ve done and will.

Carol, Drumheller, Alberta -  I was just wanting out of my marriage but I didn’t want it to be a mess so we went to Brandi for a few sessions and it really helped. Although my goal was not to stay in the relationship we were able to separate in a way that turned out to be better than I think either of us could have imagined or planned.
Veronica, Strathmore, Alberta - After my husband had been unfaithful I was angry, sad and lost. I was also depressed. I had left my husband and wanted to try and heal so I went to Brandi. I felt so much better mentally and physically after only a few sessions. I was able to sleep again. I began to feel whole. The sessions with Brandi turned into therapy for both my husband and I together. I was able to forgive and get back to a place where I wanted to be in the marriage. Now it is only my husband who needs to forgive himself.

Calgary, Alberta - We just fought all the time. I really believed we hated each other. Neither of us wanted to stay but we didn't leave. After only a few sessions we were both able to begin talking instead of yelling. The sessions with Brandi allowed us to get on the path of relationship recovery rather than hell. We are both so glad we did this!

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