Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
Airdrie, Alberta
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Sleep Issues

Erskine - I had been taking a sleep aid for a while and was more and more dependent upon it. Because of the Hypnosis I am now able to fall asleep and stay asleep without medication. If I wake up in the middle of the night (for a nature call) I fall back asleep easily.  I know I'm sleeping deeper because I feel refreshed in the morning. This has been such a relief.

Castor - I didn't realize how sleep deprived I was until I was able to sleep... and sleep... and sleep... and sleep! I sleep every noght of the week now.

R., Alix - As long as I can remember I’ve had trouble sleeping. Even as a kid I had trouble falling asleep.  Before I went in for hypnosis falling asleep or staying asleep was a struggle.  There was mornings that while I was getting ready for work I tried to think if I had slept at all.  I was always tired and irritated (as those around me will tell you).  After the hypnosis sessions I was falling asleep way easier and sleeping way more deeply.  After five sessions I am just now starting to know what it feels like to be truly rested, alert and full of energy.  Now in the mornings I try and remember if I was asleep before or after my head hit the pillow.  Thanks Brandi!
H.K., Vetran - I can’t remember sleeping this deeply for as many hours.  So amazing!

B., Coronation -  For as long as I remember it has taken me hours to fall asleep.  Once I did fall asleep if I woke up it would always take me hours again.   I had started taking sleeping pills about two years before seeing Brandi and although I had become dependent on the pills to fall asleep I never liked the way they made me feel.  The pills had become increasingly less effective and I was not wanting to take more or something more potent.  I thought I’d try Hypnosis.  I now fall asleep on my own quickly and if I wake up I can fall back to sleep fairly quickly. I am so grateful to feel rested.

P.D., Stettler - I couldn’t believe it when the alarm woke me up for the first time! I sleep deeply throughout the night.  I haven’t done that for 25 years!

M.S., Drumheller - I could fall asleep but never stay asleep.  I would usually sleep for about two to four hours then would be up for hours.   After having a deep sleep I now realize I was sleeping lightly too!  I fall asleep, stay asleep no pills, no restlessness just sleep. 

G., Stettler - After being able to fall asleep fairly easy and stay asleep for almost six hours a few nights a week I thought “great cured and all in two months”!  Brandi had to convince me that falling asleep quickly and sleeping well every night of the week was possible.  I fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and when I wake up I go back to sleep. I sleep well most nights now.  I can think too! Brandi was right.

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