Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
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J.S. from Stettler - I had smoked for more than thirty years and had been waking up at night to smoke for about 7 years.  I smoked over three packs a day.  After the hypnosis I never smoked again.  I still went out for my smoke breaks at work but I just talked and enjoyed the free time and the company it didnít even bother me to be around other smokers.  The Hypnosis helped me realize I really wasnít enjoying smoking and that I really didnít want to smoke.  If I hadnít tried quitting so many times before and found it so hard I would think this time was all me and not the hypnosis because it really feels that natural not to smoke and not even want to.  I love being a non-smoker!

B.W., Big Valley - I smoked for thirty three years and had been getting up at night to smoke for about two years and I thoroughly hated every cigarette yet I couldnít seem to quit.  After the Hypnotherapy I quit and have not looked back (that was two years ago).

L.G., Erskine - I had tried quitting many times and in a lot of different ways (pills, gum, patches and cold turkey).  I had quit a few times (the longest for six months) but it was always hard and remained hard.  After seeing Brandi I quit smoking.  Smoking is something I donít think about.  
J.W., Three Hills - I had never smoked a lot but could never stay quit either.  I really only tried the Hypnosis out of desperation (I needed to quit in order to have surgery). After the Hypnosis the cravings could barely be called cravings because they were so mild.  I just quit and stayed quit.  Thanks Brandi.

M. & B. W., Big Valley - My wife and I both smoked over a pack a day (some days more)  it was costing us a small fortune and we had decided we wanted to enjoy our retirement, our health and our grandchildren. So we called Brandi.  We both quit and no fighting!

S.K., Castor - I am so grateful to be smoke free.  I had tried so many times, I had quit a few times (once for nine months) but it was always hard and never got easy.  I canít believe how easy it was to just quit.  Even the thoughts or cravings I had were just easy.  I highly recommend Brandi.

J, Coronation - I had smoked over a pack a day for about eight years and had been getting up at night to smoke for about two years.  I couldnít believe it when I slept through the night and was having my morning coffee before I even thought about a cigarette!  I had to have a few additional sessions before the habit of it seemed to disappear but Iím a non smoker.  No cravings, no irritation, no habit.

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