Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
Airdrie, Alberta
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Stress / Anxiety / Depression

W.,Stettler, Alberta - My stress level had been becoming increasingly less tolerable and I had become intolerant of my children and the stress and worry of work was taking up much of my mental energy.  I was also having trouble staying asleep because I would wake up stressed or angry! One of the first things I noticed, after my sessions with Brandi, is that I quit yelling at my children and ďstewingĒ about my co-workers.  I am now happy and ďpresentĒ.  My brain literally takes me to thoughts of peacefulness, calmness and happiness.  I seem to be more aware that life is enjoyable.  Iím so greatful.

J.H, Hanna - I was a wreck.  Everything was annoying and I was really overwhelmed about most things. My wife, kids, co-workers and friends had all become an annoyance or disturbance.  I couldnít believe after only three sessions I was actually noticing a co-workers sense of humor or my kids playing seemed o.k. I now enjoy my days and  I canít believe what a relief it all is.  I also realized how stressed my body was. It wasnít until I started relaxing a bit I realized how tired I had been.  I had gotten used to headaches and a sore neck.  My headaches are gone and so is the sore neck. 

R., Red Deer - I went to Brandi because I had become so negative and couldnít seem to snap out of it. My drive for most things had been dwindling for some time.  After only two sessions my blood pressure actually dropped! I had been taking three blood pressure pills a day and now take half of one.  I hadnít realized how stressed my body was.  I had tried swimming and walking in the past to help my health but it was my mind that needed to get involved.  My drive is returning and those around are additions to my life and not just annoying burdens.
J.M., Stettler - I was crying at night on a regular basis because I was so upset about work: my work load, my colleagues, what others were doing or werenít doing.  I new it was not as big as I was making it but at the same time I was still upset or angry all the time.  I canít believe the difference in my life the Hypnosis made.  Brandi is amazing she seemed to know exactly where to take me.  Thank you. My worry, anger and sadness seems to have just faded away.

D., Lacombe - I didnít know that I was depressed until I experienced relief after a few sessions with Brandi.  I was sad most of the time and didnít know how bad it was.  I had been avoiding social engagements, I couldnít force myself to answer the phone sometimes.  I had gotten into the habit of sitting in front of the television and had quit talking to my family.  I was grouchy and snappy.  Some of my friends and family noticed after a few sessions that I was less edgy. Iím now happy!  I eat better, Iím getting things accomplished again and Iím enjoying people. Thanks Brandi

Trochu, AB - Iíve told my friends and family everyone should go to Brandi.  You donít realize how sad or angry you are until your not anymore.  I was angry at my son for being a little boy.  I resented my husband for our struggles.  I felt judged by my family and my husbandís for being the way I was. I had been avoiding my life, my friends and family for quite awhile.  I donít do that anymore.  I enjoy my son.  He makes messes, gets into things and isnít always polite and I love him.  My husband is my partner and friend and I enjoy him again and I see how I need to work with him.  My family and my husbandís family are my family and I see them as not perfect but they are additions to my life.  Most of all I like ME!

Deb, Alberta - My boyfriend of 9 years cheated.  I initially went to Brandi for depression. I just wanted to stop crying. I did. After I few months I wanted to move beyond just not being sad but I wanted to be happy so I went back to Brandi. I am happy thanks to sessions with Brandi .

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