Relationship Transformation

I help couples find healing in creating a new version of their relationship.

Even the most successful, intelligent, and evolved people experience painful relationships, separations, and divorces. Often people get lost in the struggle because the pain or battle can be all-consuming. I help people create a second version of their relationship that is in line with what they truly want. There is a focus on helping each individual identify and define their peace and happiness, so that each person can begin to work towards creating the second version of the relationship they truly want.

I specialize in helping individuals and couples create a second version of their relationship in these four areas of Relationship Transformation

Deciding to stay or go.  

If you feel stuck in a miserable relationship, there is no need to exist there; life is too short. You may be struggling with the decision of whether to separate or not. I help each person uncover what is needed from themselves, and their partner, for the second version of the relationship to be a success. There is a focus on identifying patterns— both individually and as a couple— and being intentional in creating what it is each person desires and needs.


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Deciding on how to separate 

Perhaps the second version of your relationship is figuring out what peace and happiness look like during or after separation. People can accidentally find themselves engulfed in a battle after separation, sending their lives in a direction they never intended or wanted to go. Separation can be peaceful. Even in high conflict separation or divorce situations, peace is possible. Often when people skip separation or divorce counselling, the emotional aspects are ignored. I help people create a second version of their relationship, during or after separation or divorce. There is a focus on being intentional with what each person wants the relationship to look like in the future. Also focused on are specifics on how to create, sustain and maintain the second version of the relationship.

  • Please note these sessions can be done separately.
  • Also note if separation is decided, with the well-being of the future relationship in mind, topics such as custody and finances can be discussed. There is a focus on what is fair (not necessarily equal), and reasonable. Custody and financial documents can be drawn up to be used within mediation, or given to lawyers for a place to begin (saving time, money, and mental and emotional energy).


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Reconciliation after betrayal

The second version of your relationship may be reconciling after one, or both, have stepped out of the marriage either physically, mentally, or emotionally. Perhaps one or both of you have checked out of the marriage, but now someone is considering a better way. There is. If you are wondering if reconciliation is a good idea, or how to move past betrayal, know that healing is possible. You will move on. You might as well move on intentionally with a focus on peace and happiness. I help people create a second, better version of their relationship after betrayal. There is a focus on identifying the patterns— both individually and as a couple— that got the relationship to where it is, and how to get it to where you want.


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Deciding How to Co-parent

Every parent wants their children to be happy. Unfortunately, and often accidentally, people can put their children’s happiness to the side during separation and divorce, causing short-term and long-term damage. People can get caught up in their emotional whirlwinds and forget to keep their children’s peace and happiness at the forefront. I help people create co-parent relationships that work for their children and the adult individuals.

* Please note co-parent and/or custody arrangements can be discussed and decided on, with paperwork being drawn to take to mediation, or lawyer(s) to be made legal and binding.


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