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Brandi Rosgen

I help people change their stories and their futures.

Depression, Anxiety and Struggling Relationships are the results of the stories people tell themselves.

Stress is part of life, but struggling relationships, anxiety and depression do not need to be. How you respond to stress is the result of the story you have told yourself about life, success, and love. If you've gotten stuck in your story then change can seem difficult, or even impossible. That is, wherever there is struggle there is a story that is stuck in a repeat loop.

If you have been feeling as though you can no longer stay ahead of the anxiety, get on top of the depression, or not sure where to go with a struggling or ending relationship, know that change and healing are possible.

Know this:

• Depression is a story about the past.
• Anxiety is a story about the future, based on the past.
• Relationship struggles are individual stories of pain, hurt, and anger, based on the past, about the future.

If you wish to change the way you feel, think, act, and respond — and therefore your future — you must start with the story you tell yourself. It is in your story where your peace and happiness remain, and are found. No one can take peace and happiness from you, nor can they give them, and only you can use them. Learn how to identify, create, and sustain a new story.


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Relationship Transformation

Helping Couples find healing in creating a new version of their relationship.


Eliminating Depression and Anxiety

Helping individuals eliminate depression and anxiety while learning how maintain peace and happiness.


Meditation and Hypnosis

Guiding people into meditative and hypnotic states to support therapy, growth, healing and peace.


"All change requires change"-Brandi

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